Organisatoriskt Förverkligande: Ett nytt sätt att leda

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Sourcing the Way har sedan sommaren 2013 utvecklat verktyg och processer som stödjer visionärer, entreprenörer, och företagsledare som närmar sig eller redan är i en förändringsprocess.

Vårt arbete rör sig i närheten av “Organisatorisk Utveckling” (Organizational Development) men är mer fokuserat på “Organisatoriskt Förverkligande” (Organizational Realization) vilket betyder att vi stödjer fördjupning av medvetenheten inom en organisation genom att synliggöra inre visdom, vilket i sin tur leder till klarhet i vad det är som är mest resonant i form av strategi och fokus områden.

Vi gör detta genom att skapa det utrymme som behövs för att ledare och teams skall kunna fördjupa sin kontakt med organisationens innersta natur och dess högre syfte. Vår erfarenhet säger oss att när vi väl öppnar dörren till att fördjupa vår förståelse för helheten så börjar saker att hända. Vi börjar se mönster för hur en mer sammanhängande stomme kan ta form som sedan stödjer vidare utveckling, där omständigheter, om vi är vakna och mottagliga, faller på plats på ett sätt som vi inte nödvändigtvis hade kunnat förutse genom att ‘tänka oss framåt’.

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Part 3: Subtle Levels of Communication

Over the years the Squeeze has evolved and I have come to learn that I have an ability to “feel” when a conversation is engaged at “heart” or “mind” level. Different people refer to “mind” as the higher mind, the thinking mind, or just head or brain. I chose to think of “mind” as being the thinking mind, i.e. where we process the information that we have access to, where we base our decisions and felt sense on what we already know. In terms of “heart” some people think of it as the space where we make decisions based on our feelings and emotions, others are leaning more towards understanding it to be our soul or essence. I’m leaning towards the latter.

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Introducing Sourcing the Way

The following article appeared in the Winter 2015 edition of The Edge.

Humanity’s operating system is being upgraded, bringing a fundamental shift in how we perceive ourselves and how we work and live, as individuals and, increasingly, as consciously aware collectives stewarding living systems in partnership with Earth.

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Part 2: Limitless Gut-Feel

Early on I “knew” that my 3D mind was limited in understanding the width and depth of what opportunities may lie ahead. Even if I had lots of experience and knowledge, there would still be an incredible number of possibilities and opportunities that I would not be able to name nor suggest as they expanded beyond my sphere of awareness.

And, I had a sense that by fixating on a desired outcome I would limit what was possible… Therefore, it felt only natural to invite ALL possibilities to play and allow my inner guidance system to take me by the hand and guide me forward.

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Part 1: The Squeeze

When I first experienced the sensation of resonance in my body I felt it as a tingling sensation on my upper arms. It felt like “a gentle squeeze,” as if someone was standing behind me placing their hands gently on my upper arms applying slight pressure. Soon thereafter, I came to realise that I felt the gentle squeeze as a confirmation to a statement. Puzzling, and quite remarkable!

To test this theory, I asked many, many questions to see when “the Squeeze” would show up. To verify, I reversed the questions so as to see if I was making the Squeeze up as a result of wishful thinking, but I was incapable of making the squeeze happen at will. I still am.

I practiced and tested this new discovery with a close friend. She helped me to distill my experience into learning that I could integrate into my daily life, and I began to think of the Squeeze as a nifty gift. As I got more experienced, learning about the felt physical sensation for Yes, I also started to understand the feeling for No.

The Squeeze proved to be a helpful way to gauge what direction to take in everyday situations, and in 2009 I made a commitment to follow my inner guidance system for all decision-making in my life. It was both exhilarating and a bit daunting, as sometimes the Squeeze suggested decisions and actions that took me beyond my comfort zone.

I remember back in 2011, I was nudged to strike out on my own to become a consultant. I was terrified as it seemed that this action would take me further away from my goal instead of the other way around. After careful consideration I went ahead with making the changes that supported this nudge as I felt a deep alignment in my gut, and 9-12 months after the fact I saw the beauty of how pieces of the puzzle had fallen into place in a way that I could not have foreseen nor planned.

There have been many such situations since then and they continue to happen. I have learned to trust that as long as I follow my inner guidance, hindsight will show me a path that I could not have designed, nor think into being, using my thinking mind.