Ready to Shift from Seeker to Finder?

Over the last five years certain inner sciences have been developing in connection with Sourcing The Way, which seem to be unique in terms of their potency. The intuitive guidance is saying that these are now ready to serve more widely.


Specifically, we are being called to offer:

  1. Field AlchemyWhat would you do with greater consciousness and self-awareness? Would you like to transform your life at the foundations? Radically accelerate your journey of evolution and awakening?
  1. Essential Purpose: Why – the deepest why – are you here on Earth? What is your sacred role and noble contribution? What are the steps you can take now to live the path of greatest resonance?

These offerings work with individuals, groups, and entire organizations. In the case of individuals, Field Alchemy and Essential Purpose typically involve just 1-2 sessions.

We are also being encouraged to provide intensive retreat experiences:

  1. Living Realization: Sourcing The Way has been gifted with the capacity to open vast spaces for inner transformation (personal and collective). As we follow the whispers of Spirit around the world, there is an opportunity to gather for transformational intensives in different places with people who are called, and who have the desire and courage, to go all the way on their journeys of Self-realization.

If the above resonates, please consider being in touch to explore what is ready to flower in and through you.

Story: Once Upon an Evolution

The word “story” is defined as: “an account of imaginary or real people and events told for entertainment”, and “a report of an item of news in a newspaper, magazine, or broadcast”.

Each of us holds “story” in our own way.

Often, we think of a story as including actions, events, and quite often drama. It is seemingly the case that we tend to hang on to stories, as they are a way for us to label and identify what is true for us.

What would life be without stories, or without us hanging on to them? For some, that would translate to emptiness and a no-man’s land of sorts. For others, it would be the equivalent of a simpler life.

I would like to offer an additional take on how we can relate to “story,” and that is:

The tale of a story exists between the beginning and the end of a transformative experience, e.g. no matter the content or context, stories are informed by circumstances that inspire change, and in many cases, evolution.

This excites me to no end as this means that we have an option to hold story as an evolutionary tool, and that instead of hanging on to the story itself we can stay connected with the essence of the learning that has come from it!

Using “Oneness Technology” for Collective Healing

The other night, Maria had terrible jaw pain, which we intuited to be 12% physical, 23% energetic, and 65% etheric. We received that, at least for our subjective inquiry, there are seven etheric realms – each extending deeper into collective consciousness. Then we received that Maria’s pain was a physical expression of a call for transpersonal healing related to the global pattern of terrorism, which we could address esoterically.

We used Sourcing the Way’s protocols to realize oneness with each of the etheric realms. Then I committed to realize collective awareness, compassion, purpose, etc., and to realize the liberation of collective anger, ego, separation, etc., for and as each of these realms, for the optimal well-being of ALL.

While I worked through the set, receiving guidance each time a commitment had been perfected, Maria shared the level of discomfort she was experiencing. Soon after her pain peaked at an excruciating 8/10, I completed the process of liberating collective separation, and the pain disappeared within seconds. Maria’s jaw has been pain-free ever since.

It remains to be seen whether, given the apparent connection between Maria’s jaw and terrorism, there will be a corresponding reduction in violence in the coming weeks. Based on other similar experiences using “oneness technology” for collective healing, we anticipate that the answer may well be yes. May it be so!

A Co-founder’s Story: Maria Baeck, Swedish Expatriate Living in London

I have always been curious and adventurous, in both mind and soul. Maybe not bungee-jumping-off-bridges adventurous, but I’ve always been open to what comes my way.

My deep desire for wholeness and listening at every level has had me explore and learn about compassion, non-judgment, forgiveness, and non-duality. My belief in something vaster than “me” has led me to explore realms such as mindfulness, energy healing, intuitive communication, and paths of consciousness transformation.

AMB GArden of the Gods 20140509
Garden of the Gods, CO, May 2014

I started my professional career in 1986 in finance and administration, straight after graduation. In the 25+ years since, I have served in the areas of sales, marketing, inventory planning, and cross-national system planning and upgrades. My path has blessed me with living in three different countries and working on three continents. These experiences have brought rich learning about subtle communication, as language and culture add nuanced layers to thoughts and speech. Since 2010, I have been integrating my work in the electronics industry and background in business operations with my capacities for deep reflective listening and resonance-based facilitation. I am channeling my gifts through coaching and transformational conversations.

As an intuitive communicator, field alchemist, and awareness coach, I specialize in deep listening and resonance-based facilitation that illuminates key insights, brings clarity, and sparks holistic transformation. My passion is supporting clients through deep transformation by “making the invisible visible”.


Emanation: Leading from Source

Sally Fox of Engaging Presence recently asked whether the word “leadership” is dead, and whether there might be another word for leadership. When I ask intuitively whether leadership wants to be referred to in a new way, I get a yes. And when I ask what such a word might be, what comes almost immediately is emanation, one definition of which is “the action or process of issuing from a source.”

Aha! Emanation is leading from Source. Emanation includes authentic leadership because we access Source through what is deepest and truest within. It’s servant leadership because the source of all is in service to all. It’s enlightened leadership because what’s emanating is primordial light, so to speak, passing with minimal distortion through self structures that have become transparent; and so emanation is also transparent leadership.

Emanation is creative because the source of life is creative (and also destructive when appropriate). Emanation invites collaborative and co-creative leadership since the slight distortions of the individual self structures are collectively Self-correcting, resolved at a higher order by the acuity of the combined receiver (similar to the Very Large Array radio telescope).

When emanating, we are “beaming the change.” However, it must be noted that as pure emanation arises spontaneously in response to the needs of a situation… the real leader can be difficult to find!