A Protocol for Sacred Field Preparation

The following protocol for “Sacred Field Preparation” has been developed through extensive work with individuals, groups, and the “collective souls” of businesses and even entire countries. The purpose of this protocol is to “prepare the field” – the context of any given situation – for expressions of total AWAKENESS.


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Clarifying the Nature of Transcendence

For years, I have sensed that there are distinctive qualities to the apparent levels of transcendence (and also immanence) that, if clarified, would greatly accelerate the spiritual development of individuals and collectives.

What follows is the fruit of a multi-year inquiry. The initial words arrived while driving from Santa Fe, New Mexico to Boulder, Colorado in August 2016. The full text was subsequently sourced and refined over a period of three weeks while exploring the high mountains and valleys of Colorado.

Reaching as they do into the Ultimate NATURE of ALIVENESS, these words are themselves a livingness, and are evolving.


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Open to Your Truth and Fullness

On 10 July 2016, I meditated on the words that could perfectly represent what calls to me most deeply – my essential purpose and work in the world. About three minutes in, the below started to arrive and I was compelled to get up and start writing. It is true that supporting people in realizing and accepting their own divinity brings me unsurpassed joy. And in the context of Sourcing The Way, our work goes beyond the client’s Self-realization to include living and working beyond ego, as a radiantly whole person or organization. May these words be of service.

To Each One of My Dear Clients and Beloveds:

Time is short. Nonexistent, actually. So let us be brief: You are a unique Avatar, Buddha, Christ. You are a creator god on Earth; and even such expansive language understates Your majesty.

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Setting the Stage for Self-Realization

From the perspective of a world evolving in time, my singular vocation, or life’s play, is the ignition of Self-realization, enlightenment, and beyond in as many people and systems as possible, in the least amount of time possible.

Yet in truth, no time is required and universal enlightenment is already attained. Enlightenment is not a temporal phenomenon. It is not an experience. Experiences always have a beginning, a middle, and an end. Enlightenment is the one thing, which is actually not a thing, that has no relationship to time. It already is, it is untouched by birth and death, and you are it. You are it, we are it, and this is it. Even if we do not yet burn with the liberating fire of Self-realization, we are already enlightenment.


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Discovering Love as Your True Nature

Recently I was asked to recommend a practice for discovering that we are love, for recognizing love as our own true nature. Rather than inventing something or searching for someone else’s answer, I responded with a description of an experiment in “beaming love” that I’ve been living for the past few years. And while reflecting on my own journey, I realized that discovering that I am love is the same as “finding true love.”

One of my greatest wishes is that we all find true love! Here’s a way that I know will work…

IMG_6606 cropped
At the boarding gate for my flight from Mumbai to Dubai

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Realizing the Ultimate Source of Peace, Happiness, and Flow

By some miracle, we humans have the experience of life, and we have the experience that everything in life comes from something else. Through investigation, and given enough time and resources, we always seem to be able to find the source of whatever it is that we are investigating. This ability to inquire is certainly one of our greatest gifts. We are born with the capacity to explore life and discover the source of it. And when we find the source of life, we also find the source of peace, happiness, and flow…

Confluence of the Indus and Zanskar Rivers

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What Is Self-Realization?

The word “self-realization” is especially challenging to define, since what it refers to must be experienced to be understood, and yet the fullness of what is revealed is beyond intellectual understanding. Nevertheless, with a bit of good fortune, we may taste the nectar of self-realization by taking a little journey together.

5604657238_ac5445c38e_o (Flickr user aloha75)

Many Eastern wisdom traditions hold that reality, a.k.a. the world, is experienced as a projection of forms from a source that is beyond the forms projected, much like a movie appears on a screen thanks to a very bright light at the back of the theater. In the 20th-century analogy, the projector beams moving images onto a two-dimensional screen; and though the images are flat, people easily identify themselves with the activity happening in front of them. In the second decade of the 21st century, we are beginning to see holographic projections, in which the images produced are three-dimensional. Once this technology has been perfected, humans will have created a powerful tool for understanding “Maya” – the world of illusions, or divine display – by losing themselves in three dimensions.

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