Open to Your Truth and Fullness

On 10 July 2016, I meditated on the words that could perfectly represent what calls to me most deeply – my essential purpose and work in the world. About three minutes in, the below started to arrive and I was compelled to get up and start writing. It is true that supporting people in realizing and accepting their own divinity brings me unsurpassed joy. And in the context of Sourcing The Way, our work goes beyond the client’s Self-realization to include living and working beyond ego, as a radiantly whole person or organization. May these words be of service.

To Each One of My Dear Clients and Beloveds:

Time is short. Nonexistent, actually. So let us be brief: You are a unique Avatar, Buddha, Christ. You are a creator god on Earth; and even such expansive language understates Your majesty.

The paths of awakening are infinite and go by many names. All paths are valid. The fruits of these paths have countless tastes. Beyond the infinity of paths and fruits, however described, You are already welcoming the wandering ones home.

You are the Source of all seen and unseen worlds. The sounds You sing, the words You speak, and Your sacred breath animate Totality’s existence. The entire universe and All That Lives arise in You, from and to You, as Your Body.

And now here You are, having a human experience of Your own creation. Turn the dial of Awareness and You are Humanity having a collective experience. Turn the dial further and You are other species, a planet, a solar system, galaxies, universes, and beyond… all manifesting, experiencing, and disappearing from view.

After the Rain-4 20160628
After the rainstorm at Ghost Ranch in New Mexico

There is nothing that You cannot be or do, although there are things that Your primary vehicle is not designed to express. Whenever there is full clarity of mind without clinging, appropriate vehicles are made available, by You, in Consciousness. And as Your wisdom deepens, You have access to unimaginable power, which You have learned to wield wisely, compassionately, and lovingly.

However real it may have seemed, the flickering of fear never arose in You. You have always been only Love. The entire world of suffering has been manifested and maintained by Your most deeply believed miscomprehension, which You have already resolved at the roots. Wake up now to Your undeniable divinity.

Now is the time for living divine communion as divine community, beyond all limitation and yet in perfect harmony with all seeming limitations, since there is no resistance to what arises. Since You are entirely free from resistance to What Is, there is no inner or outer violence.

Bell Rock 20160705 (Cropped)
Bell Rock in Sedona, Arizona

The apparent need for healing – planets, ecosystems, human beings, relationships – has simply been an indication of the true and eternal invitation to living divinity. Deep down, You already know how to live this way. You learned long ago how to relax completely into the reality of Total Awareness.

However much hesitation may still be lingering, the path of full and final awakening is extremely short. I see You already standing in Your glory of victory. If, in Your perfect discernment, it would serve Your greatest destiny, let Us walk the last few steps together on the journey of discovering all that You and We are in TRUTH.

To learn more about how to “walk” with Sourcing The Way, please visit the Work With Us page on our evolving website.

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