Setting the Stage for Self-Realization

From the perspective of a world evolving in time, my singular vocation, or life’s play, is the ignition of Self-realization, enlightenment, and beyond in as many people and systems as possible, in the least amount of time possible.

Yet in truth, no time is required and universal enlightenment is already attained. Enlightenment is not a temporal phenomenon. It is not an experience. Experiences always have a beginning, a middle, and an end. Enlightenment is the one thing, which is actually not a thing, that has no relationship to time. It already is, it is untouched by birth and death, and you are it. You are it, we are it, and this is it. Even if we do not yet burn with the liberating fire of Self-realization, we are already enlightenment.


There is very little that can be said about enlightenment. Its presence is pervasive, and yet it is prior to even the idea of existence. It is unborn, and you are unborn. Words cannot refer to it, and no name can refer to your true identity. The word “enlightenment” simply points to whatever remains when there is the complete cessation – a totally natural process of evaporation – of belief in any existence or nonexistence, whether material, immaterial, or any other state of being.

In the absence of such beliefs about existence and nonexistence, there is a vast awareness, radical freedom, complete openness to what arises, and deep knowing of oneness confirmed by direct experience. This oneness is the unified totality of you. To know this oneness as an infinite self without any outer boundary is Self-realization. To know the vast awareness as “you” is enlightenment. This knowing must be realized by each of us through our own direct experience, and also more deeply than any experience.


Self-realization brings the recognition that there is only the all-encompassing Self (capital S), and with this recognition the sense of a separate self (lower-case s) melts away. This gives rise to a kind of no-self experience in that there is no separate self that can be found: The same Self is everywhere we look! All apparently separate forms and sentient beings are known beyond all doubt to be one Being; and we live both in this and as this one Being.

There are further profound discoveries beyond Self-realization. Just as we can abide as the perceivable (manifested) oneness or Self, we can abide equally as the unborn, unmanifested No-Self – an infinite oneness that is not self-referencing. In No-Self there is pure awareness without any sense of either a self or a Self: “You” are the formless Total Awareness experiencing form. And beyond all of these is the territory in which self, no-self, and even the infinite Self and No-Self may or may not be experienced, but these have no “pull.” This is enlightenment.

These realizations come naturally when the conditions in our hearts and minds are ripe. The ripening process can be accelerated, however, and to this end we have recorded a three-part “Invocation of Self-Realization,” which sets the stage for Self-realization in particular. The first recording, embedded below, is called “Unification into Oneness.” If you feel ready, relax your mind and body, and allow the spiritual fire of recognition to ignite in you.

Suggestion: There is no need to follow the words with your mind. Allow the transmission to wash over your whole being. Try listening primarily to the space between the words, and to the energy beneath them. Let your body resonate as you open to the vastness of all that you are in Truth.

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