Discovering Love as Your True Nature

Recently I was asked to recommend a practice for discovering that we are love, for recognizing love as our own true nature. Rather than inventing something or searching for someone else’s answer, I responded with a description of an experiment in “beaming love” that I’ve been living for the past few years. And while reflecting on my own journey, I realized that discovering that I am love is the same as “finding true love.”

One of my greatest wishes is that we all find true love! Here’s a way that I know will work…

IMG_6606 cropped
At the boarding gate for my flight from Mumbai to Dubai

Practice feeling “I love you” in your heart whenever you’re writing or speaking to someone. Whether you’re writing an actual love letter or a grocery list, whenever you do this, feel that the energy you are transmitting, underlying the words, is “I love you.”

Notice that the words begin to feel like the surface layer of the communication while the deeper felt sense – the meaning perceived by the heart – is love. Don’t be surprised if the lucky recipient of your grocery lists feels an inexplicable warmth when reading the words “laundry detergent”!

Have fun meaning “I love you” in every conceivable circumstance. It may surprise you how easy it is to do this, even in the most unlikely situations. For instance, when you feel irritated at someone, experience that the true meaning of every expletive that rolls off your tongue is just another way of expressing your deep, abiding love for that person.

When even the f-bombs can mean “I love you,” you’re ready to notice how often human interactions are actually unconscious expressions of love. This is to say that deep down there is love, but the giver or the receiver may not be aware of it. Once you see this, you will laugh and smile more, and the recognition will bring healing to your relationships.

Now ask yourself, “What does it feel like to transmit love all of the time, consciously?” Feel an unending radiance of gratitude, appreciation, compassion – and any additional qualities of love that come to you – as your lived experience right now. How does it feel? Like blissful warmth? The ringing of truth? A memory of home? Your own inner glow?

Finally, what is it that communicates love, and only love, all of the time? Love itself!

With practice, you’ll find (I predict) that this way of being easily becomes second nature… because expressing love is actually our first, or true, nature. The more we do it, the more we discover that we already are love. The path of consistently choosing to beam love leads inevitably to the realization that the beaming and the being of love are one.


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