Realizing the Ultimate Source of Peace, Happiness, and Flow

By some miracle, we humans have the experience of life, and we have the experience that everything in life comes from something else. Through investigation, and given enough time and resources, we always seem to be able to find the source of whatever it is that we are investigating. This ability to inquire is certainly one of our greatest gifts. We are born with the capacity to explore life and discover the source of it. And when we find the source of life, we also find the source of peace, happiness, and flow…

Confluence of the Indus and Zanskar Rivers

If we stay curious and open, we may keep inquiring like a persistent child: “What’s the source of this apple? The source of that tree? The source of Earth, the sky, the light, and the molecules of water?” Eventually we run out of causative factors and, if we stay true to our experience, the mind will go blank as we approach the deepest source. This is not a problem. The process has not broken down. This sense of blankness, of empty space, without sensory content, is our answer.

However, the blankness is not completely empty since what remains in the absence of all forms is an awareness of a clear, awake presence. So what is the source of this formless presence? Now the mind is not just blank. There is no longer even the awareness of presence. There is no experience, no perception at all. And yet, for me at least, in this seemingly deeper nothingness there is a direct knowingness of intelligence and raw information. Moreover, there is a knowingness that this intelligence is continuously manifesting universes and all of life in a glorious dance of interdependence.

Indus_Valley_near_Leh copy

We may wish to call this intelligence Source, Universal Intelligence, Cosmic Mind, or God. At Sourcing the Way we tend to use the word Source. However, all of these words are just labels for convenience. What’s essential is that each one of us follows the trail of our own inquiry past the point where experience ends, to discover the Source for ourselves.

Once we have completed this trek, having found our way to the ultimate source for the first time, the path beyond paths lights up and we can begin to explore “sourcing” – a radically conscious and empowered approach to living, loving, creating, and healing in supreme flow. Through sourcing, we cultivate an intimacy with the very source of life, and increasingly we experience peace, profound fulfillment, and easeful existence until we go beyond even these exalted states to still more joyful realms of Self-discovery.


In upcoming posts, we’ll introduce sourcing in detail and answer the following questions:

  • How does one communicate with Source?
  • What kind of information is available this way?
  • What are the applications and benefits of sourcing?
  • What are the limitations of sourcing?
  • Where does this path beyond paths lead, if I follow it all the way?

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