Ready to Shift from Seeker to Finder?

Over the last five years certain inner sciences have been developing in connection with Sourcing The Way, which seem to be unique in terms of their potency. The intuitive guidance is saying that these are now ready to serve more widely.


Specifically, we are being called to offer:

  1. Field AlchemyWhat would you do with greater consciousness and self-awareness? Would you like to transform your life at the foundations? Radically accelerate your journey of evolution and awakening?
  1. Essential Purpose: Why – the deepest why – are you here on Earth? What is your sacred role and noble contribution? What are the steps you can take now to live the path of greatest resonance?

These offerings work with individuals, groups, and entire organizations. In the case of individuals, Field Alchemy and Essential Purpose typically involve just 1-2 sessions.

We are also being encouraged to provide intensive retreat experiences:

  1. Living Realization: Sourcing The Way has been gifted with the capacity to open vast spaces for inner transformation (personal and collective). As we follow the whispers of Spirit around the world, there is an opportunity to gather for transformational intensives in different places with people who are called, and who have the desire and courage, to go all the way on their journeys of Self-realization.

If the above resonates, please consider being in touch to explore what is ready to flower in and through you.

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