My Cosmic Friends and Frenemies

Entering the world of higher dimensions can often be like starring in a Sci-Fi movie. You feel, hear, and see things that no one else does, and you meet and interact with various members of our Galactic Family. From my experience, I’d say these experiences present themselves when we are ready, when we’ve raised vibration and awareness enough to not freak out, and when we’re actually able to use discernment and act accordingly. In other words, when there’s no need to panic.  

The first time I was visited and made friends with a Cosmic Being was very unexpected and it was no one less than the Goddess Kali. I was sitting deep in meditation when I suddenly saw a strange looking female with a black face and red tongue sticking out. Her face emerged from inside of me, came up and out and stared right in my face. I was instantly taken aback and opened my eyes. “What the hell just happened?” I thought to myself. In all honesty, I knew nothing about Goddess Kali. I knew of the name but I had no idea what she looked like and what kind of energy she represented. Needless to say, I had no idea she’d lived inside me all along!

After that I started becoming more and more aware of the presence of the Beings, mainly Light Beings. I felt they were around me most of the time, usually 3 of them: a male, a female, and a no gender Being, acting as guardians and guides. I felt they were really tall, I could only see them down to their shoulders, literally bodies of Light. Being aware of their constant presence, I never felt alone ― in a good way. 

My second-most important encounter was not so pleasant. It was with the low vibrational Beings most commonly known as Reptilians. It was on the day I found myself in a situation in which I witnessed a conflict and an expression of anger by an individual. It wasn’t even directed at me, I just happened to be there as a witness. It was also when I had my mum staying with me for a week. My mum is, in general, a loving person with a big heart. However, due to a life-long conditioning and a lot of inherited collective karma, she functions from a place of fear and is constantly on high alert about the smallest things. 

So on that particular day, after I witnessed the anger-charged situation while having my mum around for a few days, I was feeling drained by everything that was going on around me. I was also still going through my own purging and clearing some old emotional stuff. I was driving along an empty road when, out of nowhere, I had a vision of Reptilian Beings surrounding me in a circle and crawling toward me. Let me point out that this is all happening in the Astral realm; I saw all this with my Third Eye, not in a physical form. I didn’t feel scared, I was fully aware that in 3D reality, I was driving in my car, there was no one around me on a physical level, and I was perfectly safe. 

As soon as that realisation came through, so did inner knowing of what to do ― to call upon my Light Beings and draw more Light from the Source into my energy field. It took quite few moments to be able to do this effectively, partly because I was already feeling drained, and partly because it was happening for a first time. As soon as I drew enough Light and expanded my Light Body, the Reptilians began to move away from me, farther and farther, until I couldn’t see them anymore.

When I was later reflecting on this experience, I realised that these low-vibrational Beings are here to remind us that we have a choice in every moment. We have a choice to stay in the Light or to give in to the Dark. We can choose our thoughts, words, situations we put ourselves in, people we surround ourselves with, and our choices determine our reality not just on a physical level but in all other dimensions as well, even if we aren’t fully aware of that yet. The universe is vast and we’re surrounded by the Unseen as much as the Seen. 

I have since fought quite a few battles with Reptilians and pushed them out of certain places and situations. Tom Kenyon refers to them as Feeders, and that is what they are; they feed on low-vibrational energy emitted through emotions like fear, anger, resentment, jealousy, etc. They cannot survive where Light is. And that is the lesson they bring. As with every other unpleasant experience, Reptilians also show up so we can learn a lesson and move on. Like everything else in life, they ultimately serve our highest good. 

I’ve met many Cosmic friends over time, all very friendly and loving, some simply showing their presence with a loving smile, and some actually assisting with my healing. I’ve witnessed my astral body being worked on and Light Codes being infused. I’ve seen myself directly receive beautiful healing energy from powerful Spirits like Yeshua and Mary Magdalene. 

As we open ourselves to the Cosmic Energy and the Multiverse, we open ourselves to all that comes with it. Spiritual Awakening is awakening to what we are: multidimensional beings. As much as it sounds like a Sci-Fi movie, it is absolutely possible to experience two places ― dimensions at the same time. However, which energy you choose to dwell in will determine what those places are, and who’ll you meet along the way. As you expand your consciousness, you expand your existence through many dimensions. 


How to further develop your intuition

For primitive people the presence of energy is the starting point of their analysis and understanding of the natural world. Primitive people felt energy, but did not measure it. Today we measure energy, but are not able to feel it.

Vine Deloria, PhD

Sometimes the more measurable drives out the most important.

Rene Debois, PhD

My post last week was the first of a series of seven posts on developing intuition. Let’s continue.

To improve your intuition, you must exercise it. Here are a few more exercises:

How to sense the energy and essence of an object

Find a stone or crystal and notice everything there is to be noticed about it—its size, shape, smell, indentations, coloring, weight, etc. Next imagine yourself inside it and then become it; listen for the silence within it. What is it saying? What does it feel like to be inside of it? What wisdom has it to impart to you? What kind of personality does it have? Why has it come to you now?

Don’t think as you do this, just feel. Stay with it for a few minutes so that you can fully connect with its essence. Keep your mind still and your heart open, and listen.

Next focus your attention on a flower and do the same as you did above. You can actually do this with any object.

Lastly, follow these same steps with an object that belongs to someone—an object they care about. Connect first with the object itself. Next, see what the object has to say about the person who owns it.

Have fun and just practice getting a “feel” for things. Stop relying always on thinking instead of feeling. You’ll be amazed at what you learn about the object you have put your attention on when you “feel” instead of “think” about it. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you learn about yourself in the process, too.

There is a voice that does not use words—Listen!

…To be continued next week in part three of this seven-part series on intuition.

I belong to life

I have always semi-joked that I am on assignment with the universe, knowing that while I have free will to create, I also came to be of service to life. Ultimately, this affords me freedom to be moved by the hand of a larger knowing. However, first I had to fully claim my aligned freedom, without concern for who gave me permission to know what I know.

I am a cultural hybrid, unsure of how I arrived at my blended view of the world, other than to say it was in my wiring at birth. A strong element of my essential orientation to life could be called indigenous, although I have never sought that knowledge or integrated ritual practices of a particular nation of people.

In a recent conversation with a Native American elder, my sharing of my authentic being was seen as co-opting what didn’t belong to me. I just let that rest in me without needing a defense, in that I stayed present to the cultural wound being voiced, and had insight into the wounds of my own heart—a heart that has longed for the company of other multidimensional beings who know themselves only as life and aren’t trying to copy anyone or to belong blindly for the sake of inclusion.

I love this quote from Albert Einstein:

“Although I am a typical loner in my daily life, my awareness of belonging to the invisible community of those who strive for truth, beauty, and justice has prevented me from feelings of isolation.”

I’m wondering how many of us truly belong to life, which is far too broad to be labeled and fixed in one position? My sense is there are more than might be expected, but family and cultural conditionings have asked us to get small for the sense of safety.

I’m reclaiming my magical life fully, and would love to know who else out there wants to play?

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Who do I think I am?

Do you ever ask yourself, “Who am I?” I have been curious about who or what I might be from as early as I can remember. Brought on, in part, by this feeling that I wasn’t quite real. I never verbalized that and I’m not sure I could have, but somehow, looking in at myself felt like looking in on my dreams. There were shapes and forms and some semaphore-like story line, dotted and dashed to the point that it was impossible to decode.

I’m not sure that it’s possible to live your life without forming some structured sense of self. So, I did what humans do: I took on an identity. More accurately, I learned to present an identity that was part authentic expression, part other people’s opinions and beliefs, and part reflection of the cultural soup in which I grew up. The author Kurt Vonnegut says, “We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful what we pretend to be.” This is the aspect of identity that fascinates me, what is pretense and the habit of pretense and what is true, truer, Truest.

In my childhood and into early adulthood I studied people and situations, trying to understand what threat or promise they held and who I would have to appear to be in order to avoid the one and capitalize on the other. It’s a terrible way to live. I couldn’t have people from separate parts of my life in the same room at the same time for fear they would see what a fake I was. By the age of thirty I wondered if I was insane.

The next four years became a dark passage where I felt increasingly unreal. I was either acting a part or drinking myself unconscious. I could not stand being alone with my thoughts and wondered if death was the only way out.

It might sound strange, but I’m grateful for that descent into darkness and grateful that I reached the place where going on like that was no longer possible.

In 1983, a few months before my 35th birthday, my ability to carry on ended. The thing about a healing crisis is that the one in crisis doesn’t know or see the healing aspect. All you have is the experience of that crisis, however it plays out for you. In my case, there was a little death—and the discovery that death can be a blessing. The path I had been following came to a cliff edge; beyond the edge was a complete unknown. I was scared because I couldn’t see what was ahead, but then I had been scared for a long time.

The wonderful thing about intense fear is that it does not leave you with the option of doing nothing. Fear forced me to do the thing I least wanted to do—ask for help. And help appeared, as the fairy tales tell us. Help came from my father and his simple matter-of-fact acceptance of the mess I was in. Help came from new friends and one or two old friends who were willing to see me change. Help came from books, books, and more books and from workshops and retreats.

I stepped off a well-worn path that was going nowhere good and onto the path that I am still exploring. A path that is revealed and created with each step.

At first, I worked very hard to know where I was going. Slowly I learned to trust the journey (mostly) and my curiosity returned. I love the expression, “Follow your nose.” My nose led me back to the essential question, “Who or what am I?”

Questioning like this has driven me a little crazy at times. I struggled, and it took an embarrassingly long time to realize that I was looking for an actual, intellectual answer, and that no such answer is possible. I had to learn that the intellect and reason can only help me to see what I am not, and that the answer to Who or What am I appears as an intuitive knowing that cannot be Thought.

More and more, I am the inquiry. If there is an answer it seems to be—Awakening. Whatever I truly am is this unfolding mystery.

Photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash

What is intuition?

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands, but in seeing with new eyes.….Marcel Proust

Using your intuitive faculty is not something you do; rather it is something you allow to flow through and to you. By stepping aside, that is, by leaving the cognitive mind behind, we allow the divine to flow to and through us. It is an effortless process, one in which there is no mental effort or striving, but instead a flow of the divine.

It is a feminine, receptive process rather than a masculine, assertive process. It is a process of trust, allowing, surrender, receiving, and love rather than a process of force and will.

So, to get in touch with this part of yourself, just sit, quiet your mind and allow yourself to “feel” what is going on. And then, trust your “feel” before you trust your “think.” In this way, you will have engaged the intuitive/heart faculty within you and will have touched into a deep reservoir of information, love, and wisdom that can never be accessed by the mind alone.

To find the Way, close your eyes, listen closely, and attend with your heart.

How to develop your intuition: Anticipation

Learn to anticipate with your intuition what is going to happen next. Don’t guess, in other words; don’t use your mind. Train yourself to learn how to read the energy of a situation or person so you know what will happen next. The more you ask of your intuition, the more you get used to using it to gather the information you want. 

For example, when a person is talking to you, anticipate their next few words, then anticipate their next sentence, and so on. In a given situation, “feel into” how a pattern will unfold before it does. In a supermarket, again “feel into” what aisle a person will turn down or what product they will buy. Always “feel into” how a situation will unfold instead of thinking of how it will. “Feel into” when a driver before you will turn off the road. Pick someone in a mall, at the beach, etc., and anticipate what they will do next.

By constantly going into your intuitive faculty to ask for information about what’s coming next, you train it to “read” the energy patterns of life. Thus, you move from the cognitive mind and guesswork to intuition and feeling. Eventually you will become so accurate at reading patterns that you almost always know what is going to happen before it does. Play with this technique at least ten to fifteen times a day. Let me know how it goes.

The term intuition does not denote something contrary to reason, but something outside the province of reason.Carl Jung

Today’s post is the first of seven posts about intuition. Next week we’ll look at more ways to develop this inner capacity.

Healing collective trauma

I have been watching an online summit on Healing Collective Trauma organized by Thomas Hübl and it has opened a part of me that is incredibly vulnerable—a younger, traumatized aspect that stands as a sentry at the entrance to my healing and full awakening.

I’ve gained much from an individual, inner journey to know the Divine, and for all who have and continue to do that work, thank you! My sense is that it was preparation for powerfully holding sacred space as the Divine now calls us to join together in healing the collective.

In my late teens I read a book called Are You Really Too Sensitive, by Marcy Calhoun, which helped me understand my empathic capacities and navigate them better. I described the empathic experience as “living without skin” because I felt the pain of the world so intensely and took all of it to be my own. It drove me to want to wake people up, and to heal the world so I could be more comfortable here.

I’m reluctant to entertain the possibility of playing a larger role in healing collective trauma. It feels like I could get overwhelmed again. Yet I also see the need to deal with the unresolved feelings of not belonging or having a valid voice in the world or in my family. I desire not only to be seen and received fully for my uniqueness, but also to make offerings that will release others from their unexpressed pain. The motivation behind that is not wanting to feel the collective pain, not wanting to numb myself to it, and not wanting to turn to a spiritual escape from it. It’s time to transform it to its higher potential.

I have a tendency to seek acceptance, particularly when it comes to family. I want to be seen as someone whose world view matters, even when mine isn’t the shared perspective. My desire to share comes from wanting all beings to thrive. However, many of my offerings are not of interest, and rightly so, to others who have not arrived at the same conclusions. In this case, extending my unwanted beliefs is not caring; it is a sticky and admittedly codependent attempt to be included and seen as valuable. I also confess to wanting the world in general to become more aware of consciousness, but I cringe at the idea of being a proselytizer. I think a balance is struck by being so rooted in the truth of my own being that what I want to share is evident in my energy and in how I live my life.

As a part of the summit on healing the collective trauma, I listened to Woman Stands Shining (Pat McCabe of the Dine Nation). She shared that their tradition forbids anyone from interfering in someone else’s path. I inwardly bow in recognition of my double-edged error, both of placing the responsibility for my self-worth on my family and of giving offerings where they weren’t wanted.

As I rest in the perfection of how the universe turns me back to myself as the only place to look for true  approval, I also get the gift of compassion for my father. He was a man whose offerings often met a stone wall because they were somewhat authoritarian and, at least from my perspective, didn’t often hold up factually or logically. This caused him to isolate emotionally and feel not welcomed or included.

Dad, I’m sorry I didn’t have the tools to navigate that more skillfully. In retrospect, I could have invited him to share more about his perspective, and I could have shown an authentic desire to understand his world, rather than automatically dismissing or simply tuning him out. Creating this type of safe container is what is now called “presencing.”

While the spiritual path took me inward as the starting point for creating an essential still point, the unhealed aspect of the collective that’s showing up in me is making it clear that our evolution as a species requires that we have the courage to open what feels like Pandora’s Box. The experts from the trauma summit all stressed that the numbing of humanity to our collective trauma is at the heart of the pickle we find ourselves in and that, while personal growth work is important, this trauma isn’t individual and can’t be fully resolved on that level. We have to do it together.

It is powerful work for us to learn to create sacred containers for valuing difference and creating inclusion. I highly recommend checking out the work of Thomas Hübl and the other experts from the summit. You may not be able to access the free talks by the time this blog is posted, but you should be able to review the speakers and see what topics resonate with you to explore.

Image by MetsikGarden from Pixabay

Ten steps to becoming the New Human

The New Human is the Divine Human

While visiting Geneva, Switzerland in the summer of 1996, I came across a new book by Luc Ferry titled L’homme-dieu ou le sens de la vie (Man-God or the Meaning of Life). It was a joy to read, in a language that I had fallen in love with, such lucid insights into how the apparent retreat from the divine in modern society can instead be understood as a process of discovering the sacredness in the human. The one and only line that I have remembered ever since states that we are now collectively living a double process in which the human is being divinized and the divine is being humanized. More than 20 years later, it has finally become clear to me that there are practical steps we can take to reorient our lives in order to engage consciously with the process of becoming the divine human, and thereby accelerate an unprecedented evolution of homo sapiens.

Step 1: Prepare to become the New Human

We recognize that a species-level transformation is underway, which we can choose to participate in consciously. This evolution is not primarily an evolution of human biology; rather it is an evolution of consciousness and perception, and numerous physical and spiritual adaptations will follow. When we make the deep decision and offer our full “Yes” to participate willingly and gratefully in this comprehensive transformation, the process is sure to go more smoothly for us and be rather more enjoyable than the alternative.

Step 2: Open to discover new capacities, and allow them to be expressed.

New abilities are awakened and revealed progressively as we move through this evolutionary process. For example, we might find that our intuition becomes more active, or we might discover a talent for energy healing. Abilities that we have developed previously may become more powerful. Many “superpowers” are actually quite ordinary for the New Human. It is important to accept and appreciate the gifts that awaken in us as completely natural ingredients of who we are.

Step 3: Develop intuitive capacities for knowing and discernment.

As our previously latent abilities become expressed, we need to develop and strengthen them through regular practice. In particular, it is essential to cultivate our intuitive capacities to “know the unknowable” (that which is beyond rational understanding) and to make wise decisions that take into account both our mental understandings and supra-rational knowing. This enables us to unite the head, heart, gut, and soul, and we become whole human beings in the process.

Step 4: Make peace a priority in every aspect of our life.

As we progress and become more whole, we access and live from more of ourselves. This includes using our new “powers” and acting from an integrated head-heart-gut-soul. Living this wholeness requires that we build peace with and within ourselves, first and foremost. This peacebuilding then extends naturally to making peace with others and with the world around us. We learn to recognize the often-subtle movements of “againstness” in our own minds, and make the choice to love the other.

Step 5: Open to the possibility of a deeper nature.

The New Human has profound roots that tap into the purest waters of our true nature, which is Divinity. As long as we assume that our being is limited to the ego or to the personal sense of self, we are accessing perhaps 2% of the vastness that we are. The antidote to this situation is to become curious about how much more there is to discover. Life delights in our curiosity and responds to questions such as “Who am I?” by showing us more of who and what we are. And there is always infinitely more to explore.

Step 6: Live from the heart of Life.

To live from the heart of Life is to live from our heart center while being connected and aligned with Mother Nature, the planet, other human beings, and indeed all beings and the cosmos itself. As we become more skilled at considering the well-being of all when making large and small decisions, we continue to deepen our roots and realize that, in fact, we are All. The truth of oneness becomes self-evident through our own lived experience. We become naturally more loving and over time the world showers upon us the very love that we co-create.

Step 7: Practice functioning beyond ego.

Even though our realization of oneness may be far from perfect, we find that we are increasingly able to operate through an expanded sense of self in ways that benefit the whole of Life. “Navigating the Death and Transfiguration of the Ego” offers a description of the stages and indications of where we may be in the process of shifting from fear-based patterns of behavior to post-egoic, supercreative, and ultimately enlightened consciousness. This new way of being takes practice and time to become established; but since it is where we are going as a species, our success is assured.

Step 8: Harmonize with Nature.

The way is clear for us to live in a manner that does no harm, that creates and co-creates beauty, and that compassionately addresses the challenges and realities of a world that is waking up from a long slumber of forgetfulness. We are not alone in this endeavor. A new species is being birthed, and we have the full support of Life. A primary way to amplify and spread the new, more enlightened state of being is to harmonize actively with Nature. Where can we add beauty? Where can we bring healing? How may we be of service to Mother Earth? The New Human delights in serving the true and the good, of which Nature is the perfect manifestation.

“I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy.”
—Rabindranath Tagore

Step 9: Know and experience ourselves as infinite beings.

We are infinite beings. This is the truth that we are remembering, and the experience of being finite and separated from God, from Life, and from one another is the dream that we are now waking up from. We are invited to hold firm in our knowing that, despite all appearances to the contrary, we are inseparable from the Infinite. As we hold this true conviction, and live in wholeness, our experience confirms what has always been the case. At this point it is especially important to pay attention to the small signs of the New Human, for the energy of our noticing feeds the process of manifesting our divine nature.

Step 10: Be aware of and practice divine creatorship.

The more we come to know who and what we are in truth, the more we discover that we have the power to create a world that works for all. Indeed, this becomes our primary responsibility on this Earth walk. We take care of one another and the whole of Life with a generosity of spirit, and we continue the journey of awakening through supporting others – without needing to convince or convert them – in remembering who they are as well. As enlightened activity spreads, the ills of society, which seemed insurmountable before, are addressed more quickly than we imagined possible. The new species is aware of its divinity. We are supercreative. We can and will heal and regenerate the planet. The New Human has arrived.

Photo by Aydın Kiraz from Pexels